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Mice Injected with Human Brain Cells

I really don't know what to think of this,? When you start mixing brain cells of mice and human fetuses ? I don't know where I stand on that? But I don't think I like it very much? There's something not right ? All the best mouse traps will be useless... To many unanswered questions.. And there is a whole cartoon on why this is bad... Rats of Nym  Did they not watch that we're super smart rats create a colony when they escape. It made the mice smarter not more human! It made them smarter as a mouse. They still feel the way a mouse feels but they are just more intelligent. And they have those feelings with out being made smarter FYI. Mice are quite smart animals to start out with. why we want them any smarter beats me. I agree there no cure for cancer but genius mice. The world is really improving not being rude just fascinated they make me giggle. First, we make ourselves sick through flooding our environment with chemicals and pollution, then we hijack o