Finding Good Writers Is Hard

It is even harder to find writers who know how to write "converting content". By that I mean by that is what they write causes people to take actions that will turn them from a visitor to a buyer. And even harder to find than that are writers from a non English speaking country who write perfect English content that converts.

To write like that you need special training in that style of writing. Not only that but you have to know how to write for the internet. You have to have a mastery over the English language and the psychology behind what motivates people and puts them into the frame of mind and emotional state to buy from you. So you have to know the right words to use in the copy. It is not only what you say but more importantly how you say it. Those kinds of writers are worth their weight in gold. Literally.

So the guy claims his content was converting at $2000 a day. Now if you can find a writer that good they are usually in high demand and so are not available to take on new work. If they are they charge a premium for the content the provide. I am talking $1000 or more dollars for just one article or sales letter. But that money is well worth it if you can find someone that writes converting content like that.

This guy is from the Philippines so my money is worth ten times more than his. But for the price he said he would work for I still find it hard to believe he writes content that converts that well. But what he sent to my email to apply for the job was actually converting content that was really good. I am wondering if he stole it from somewhere is and is claiming to someone he is not. lol

Now if his content really does convert like he says it does I would be willing to put up with his lack of communication skills. But I am skeptical. Has anyone here ever been lied to from a writer like that just so they can get work?


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