Learning To Write Blog Articles

Learn how to write Blog Articles and get paid for them. There are many writers who work freelance as a their full time job or as a hobby. You can find them working on sites like upwork, freelancer and many other well known sites.
You can also find them working for content mills (a term that refers to business that churn out content). There are some spammier and less dignified sites to work for as well. Some writers choose to write for iwriter or textbroker.
The key to writing and getting payed well to write is specializing in a certain subject. Sure, you can go out and quickly research on a topic and pump out an awesome article but you probably won’t be getting over 5 cents a word for it.
Writers that get payed hundreds for a 1000 words, are well specialized on a topic that they can be considered to be gurus.
I personally write on a few sites, I don’t get payed as much as I would like. Nor can I say that I enjoy what I write about.
The quest is to learn how to write effectively, words that conjure emotions, text that has a purpose and eventually have readers that might take a bit of time out of their day to read what you put together.
I can’t say I’m a great writer but that’s what this sites about. Learning to write blog posts, articles, reviews and such. And maybe, just maybe teach a few along the way.
I hope you enjoyed my first blog post.


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