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This blog post has now been updated and moved to my new eBook formatting website blog, you can see it here: Want to write an eBook?






  1. My first e-book was taken from several blog posts I had already written. I just rewrote them into one cohesive theme and, bam, e-book is born!

    • It’s a great idea to do that Nicole, my Mum is currently writing up my late Grandfather’s letters home when he was a prisoner of war as a blog and we plan to publish these as an eBook eventually.

  2. Thanks for the advice, it does seem to be a whole lot easier to publish a book as an ebook than a paper novel! I’ve signed up to your email list to recieve your free ebook so I look forward to reading it!

  3. Great tips. But in my experience, it’s easier to write an ebook in a concentrated amount of time then a little at a time.
    Every time you stop and start it takes more time to re-gather your thoughts. Of course, if you’re very disciplined and can only get it done this way, then that’s how you should do it!

  4. Nice post Antonia!
    I am in the process of writing my first ebook which is rather exciting (for me at least). Thank you for list the different publishing options. I had heard of all of them but didn’t understand how Smashwords was different to the likes of ejunkie.
    Hopefully I will implement all stages well and have the ebook become a success.
    Cheers, Caylie

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