Is Twitter Unfollowing People Randomly?

I’ve heard that this has been happening for quite some time, a few people have mentioned it to me directly and I’ve also experienced it myself.  I check through my followers and notice that I am no longer following people I most definitely should be following.

I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought it was a one off problem and just clicked on the ‘follow’ button and moved on to something else.

It’s only now, after a comment on my blog post 5 Ways to Analyse Twitter with SocialBro that I thought I would investigate it further.   It didn’t occur to me that Twitter was unfollowing users randomly.  So I typed in ‘Twitter unfollowing people’ into a search on Twitter and was surprised to see that so many people are having this problem… check this screenshot out!

After a Google search and some clicks here and there I arrived at Twitter Help Center, and the top issue is this, and here is what they say:

The link to the full problem is here – It looks like I’m not following someone I know I’ve followed!

I’m not sure how hard they’re working on it, as it seems to have been going on for some time, and there is certainly no date on the issue page.  To keep up to date with Twitter issues you can also follow them on Twitter (@Support)

I really don’t have any good suggestions on what you can do in the meantime, if anyone has a solution then please post a comment below.

Just a quick update (30/03/12), someone on Twitter has just sent me the link to an article in the Telegraph, check it out – Twitter admits ‘unfollowing bug’

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  1. Thanks for clearing that up Jo. I have spotted something similar before, but as the pace of things is so frenetic these days I have either assumed it’s a buffer / cache issue, or I have meant to go and check it again later but never got around to it. Reassuring that it’s a bug… but I wonder how many people I have inadvertantly un-followed in the meantime.

    • I was the same Martin, kind of kept forgetting to check it out… Not sure how long the problem has been around for, when I searched on Google there were posts about it in 2010!!

  2. I’ve noticed that among the people I follow too lately. I won’t see someone in my feed for a while and when I check it out I’ve “unfollowed” even though I know that’s not the case. People that I thought were following have added me again too.

    If those posts were in 2010 I think it’s fair to say either Twitter doesn’t care about the issue or they had it fixed and it’s arisen again.

  3. Hmmm, Twitter most certainly HAS been unfollowing people for me and for my friends. We have to refollow each other frequently and then show in the latest followers.

    • It seems to have been going on for a while now. I use SocialBro to keep a check on my unfollows and it doesn’t seem to show in here, I think it makes you think you’re not following them but you technically you still are.

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