5 Tips to a Happy Virtual Assistant

Happy VA

One of the many things I have been meaning to do since starting my virtual assistance business is to put together a manual for clients, to give them as much information they may need when working with a virtual assistant. I don’t mean to suggest that everyone needs step by step instructions on how to delegate [...]

Tips for New Business Owners: Interview


I recently took part in a 3 day virtual event hosted by Emma Hague called Mumpreneur Success Secrets, it was held on 21st – 23rd May. There were 12 different experts on the virtual training: Claire Young – BBC Apprentice Finalist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Mum Hannah Martin - Award-Winning Freelance Copywriter & Co-Founder of The Talented Ladies Club [...]

The Virtual Assistant’s Survival Guide to Saving Time

The Virtual Assistant's Survival Guide

This is the first in a series of articles I am putting together based on my mission Save Time, Save Money and Accomplish More. Save Time There’s no denying that our modern lives are busy. We’ve become slaves to email; dictated to by our diaries; and smartphones have become ubiquitous in our day-to-day lifestyles. That [...]

How fast is your Internet connection?

Slow Work Progress

An Internet connection is probably one of the most important things you need in this day and age when you want to run a business. Back in 1996 (or was it 1997?) when I started a new job at the tender age of 17 (or was it 18?), Internet had only just started to become [...]

Top 5 Tips for Creating Balance in your Life

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There are many big questions that are difficult to answer; what is the meaning of life? Does God exist? Did the chicken or the egg come first? But the biggest and probably the most relevant in today’s society has to be: How to juggle home and work effectively It is a subject that most working [...]