Twitter Follow Back Rules

While I was scrolling through my new Twitter follower's this morning I came up with this idea for a blog post.   How many of you take time each day to see who your new followers are and decide whether to follow them back? Or, do you just follow everyone back? In my opinion it pays to keep an eye on who you are following, and who unfollows you.  You can check out a previous post on the tool I use to look at all this sort of information, 5 Ways to Analyse Twitter with SocialBro. But this blog post is all about Twitter profiles and what to look for when deciding who to follow.  First though, a little quiz (the answers are at the bottom), out of the following 10 Twitter followers, which ones did I follow back?  Put … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Posts of 2012

So my very first post of the Ultimate Blog Challenge... Firstly I'd like to wish your all a Happy New Year, or Bonne Année as they say in France! As I am technically not meant to be working today, I thought I would choose something easy to start with, but I hope that my top 10 posts of 2012 will provide you with lots to read and if anything particularly peaks your interest leave me a comment - most of these posts from 2012 are still relevant for 2013. I think I'll start from the bottom up, give you something to scroll down for... so at... Ten Get Organised with this Free Resource Nine Who do you Follow on Twitter? Eight  3 Tools to Optimise your Twitter Account Seven How I added a week’s … [Read more...]

3 Tools to Optimise your Twitter Account

It's been a bit of a hectic few weeks for me, a quick trip to the UK for my best friends hen weekend and then we bought a puppy (click for a photo) last week and he's been quite a handful.  As well as that I have been trying to keep up with the Author Blog Challenge, luckily I have all the content in my inbox (author interviews) and it's just a case of copy and pasting and a bit of formatting to get them posted each day.  So this blog post has been a long time coming... I also have a Social Media Clinic email to do this week as well as keep up with the eBook formatting work I have had in from clients. Do you regularly optimise your Twitter account? This blog post came to me this morning while I was doing my … [Read more...]

How I added a week’s worth of content to Buffer in 1 Hour using Flipboard…

...and got a tan! Back in January I wrote a post about my top 3 social media apps and one of these was called Flipboard. I'd only just started using it back then but already it had won a place in my list along with Buffer and SocialBro. Today I use Flipboard more than ever, and also have it linked to Buffer in a way which makes the sharing of content so much easier. Initially I only included my Facebook and Twitter profiles to my Flipboard account, a lot of the content I share comes from Twitter anyway, people are always posting links to great articles online. I recently upgraded my Buffer account to the Pro version which means I can have up to 6 profiles and 50 updates in my buffer at one time.  I've now … [Read more...]

Buffer is still in my Top 3!

Have you given Buffer a try? I've been using it for a while now and I mentioned it another blog post of mine My Top 3 Social Media Apps back in January.  The reason I want to mention it again here is because in the last week or so I have been using it a lot more, for both Twitter and Facebook and I wanted to know whether any of you have been using it since my last post? I use the Buffer app on my iPhone, which means when I come across an article/blog in Flipboard (another app I mentioned in the post above) while flicking through it in the evenings I can easily add it to Buffer with a few clicks.  Last night I managed to find some great articles I wanted to share, but instead of retweeting them out instantly I … [Read more...]

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