Are your Social Media Networks Safe?

Resource Review: SocialSafe What you post on your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter is not legally yours. At anytime these huge social media networks could close down and take everything with them, your photo's, your interactions with your friends, messages etc... Last year I came across SocialSafe and was really happy to be able to start backing up my social media networks. I started out small and just added my Facebook and Twitter profiles, but recently I have added my Google+, Pinterest, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and my blog RSS feeds to SocialSafe. Each morning when I switch on my Mac it pops up and starts syncing with all the content I posted since the previous back-up. From the SocialSafe … [Read more...]

Social Media Top Tips

Last week I asked you to complete my very short survey Getting to Know You! I've had a great response and decided today I would cover a topic many of you asked for in the survey, Social Media help. It's a huge topic, Social Media encompasses the entire Internet, not just networks such as Facebook and Twitter. So where do I start? Well I thought I would provide you with my top 5 social media tips, what works for me and how you can incorporate these into your working day. Choose your Social Media Networks Carefully You don't need to be on every single social media network ever invented, you'll give yourself a heart attack trying to keep up with them all. You need to think carefully what networks your customers/clients … [Read more...]

Exciting News & 11 Articles I have Read Today!

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After weeks of work, a holiday and getting used to entertaining the demands of a new puppy I am starting to see the wood from the trees.  I can now continue to spend my time building my business, getting back to social media, my blog and most importantly entertaining YOU! Update First and foremost, I have some exciting news... well it's exciting to me!  As I have been so successful in the eBook formatting side of my business, I decided to purchase a couple of new domains, and At the moment they both reach my eBook formatting service page on this website, but very soon, in a matter of weeks they will point to … [Read more...]

Smartphone Addiction: Are You?

N.B. This blog post was written in June. The Eurostar was running late, trespassers on the line, I still had an hour left to kill and I was bored of my magazine and my iPhone so I thought I would write a blog post. While sitting in Gard du Nord station in Paris waiting to board I looked around and noticed that pretty much everyone in the vicinity was using a mobile phone, mostly smartphones - I was using one too! I tell a lie there was a woman reading on her Kindle, not her phone. I have read a few blog posts recently about smartphones, one in particular I remember because the title was 'Are you sleeping with your smartphone?' I've had my iPhone for 2 years now and it goes everywhere with me, currently it is sat … [Read more...]

Five Useful WordPress Plugins

I haven't done a WordPress plugin post for some time, so I thought I would introduce you to some of my newer plugins which I have found to work really well on my website.  If you want to check out some of my previous plugin posts then take a look at Plugins Your Blog Readers Will Love, and Spread the Luv on your Blog!. I've been using these five plugins for a while now and they have saved me time and made my website function in the way I'd like it to.  Below I have taken an extract from each of the plugin websites which gives you an overview of what the plugin does.  I have then written a little bit about why I use the plugin and how I think it improves my website.   Broken Link Checker for … [Read more...]

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