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I’ve been trying to think of a way of offering my reader’s a way of promoting their business on my blog and it suddenly came to me last night while I was trying to get to sleep.  I always have ideas at the most awkward moments, luckily it won’t take me long to explain.

So what I wanted to do was ask you to make a comment on this blog post and tell me about you, your business, what services you offer and give me some links… to your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter handle, your LinkedIn profile…

I am anticipating having to ‘Not Spam’ a lot of comments by asking this, any comments with links go straight into my spam folder, but that’s fine. By having to check my spam for ham means I have to read every comment to be able to approve it.

Anyone who leaves a comment with their details I will visit their website or other link and ‘like’ or ‘follow’.  In return, all I ask is you do the same for me.  At the moment I am trying to get my Facebook page a few more fans, so it would be great if you’d take a look and like my page.

What are you waiting for?

Leave a comment and tell me all about you and your business… anyone that makes a comment on this post will get a mention on Twitter to all my followers.

Just in case you are new to my blog please take a look at my Home page to find out who I am and how I can help you and your business.  If you’re interested in working with me, why not download an information pack and sign up to my email list on the right hand side.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m a life coach that specializes in family growth coaching. Basically, I find ways to help parents (primarily those that are self employed or small business owners) find ways to experience personal growth right along side their children.

    My website is
    My fan page is

    • Thanks Nicole, I’ll make sure I come to you when I finally get round to having kids… :) I’ll be doing tweets later today!

  2. Thanks Jo, this is a great idea. I just sent you a LinkedIn invite. I also liked your page and was already following your blog. I am a leadership coach that helps managers who are frustrated and stuck in their careers to break through the barriers holding them back and to really soar! My company is Embrace The Leader Within, and my twitter id is @lisaberquist My FB page is Thanks again.

  3. Great idea Jo.

    I have been and liked your facebook page and i love what you offer.

    I am passionate about supporting local community based businesses. I help them not just survive, but thrive in competition against the big corporate chain stores. I love what I do.

    Best place to check me out is:

    If you love your local businesses, just like I do, make sure you share some of your favourites on our facebook page.

  4. Charlie Damonsing says:

    Great idea Jo, thanks for sharing with us, even in the middle of the night! I have been thinking about how we can all keep in touch after the Challenge ends, and you have come up with the answer! I will send you a Linked-In invite.

    I am a stress management specialist. I work with men between the ages of 35 – 50 who are employed, have a family and are finding the increasing demands of both stressful. I also do stress management training and consultancy in organisations.

    My facebook page is
    My Twitter account is @LessStressBunny
    My website is

    • Thanks Charlie, will connect with you on LinkedIn! Stress management is something a lot of people need, I could have done with some in my previous job… all ok now I’m working from home, so far anyway. I’ll be tweeting later today! :)

  5. Thanks for the idea…

    My website is
    My twitter is @littlesheep
    My facebook is

  6. Great idea Jo – hope you’re not drowning in submissions yet! :)

    I’m a photographer specialising in people – portraits, weddings, and most recently … business portraiture, helping business owners to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract the “right” type of client!

    My websites are and
    My Twitter is @ianHphoto
    My Facebook pages are and

  7. I re-tweeted your tweets to my small following. Keep up the good work ;-)

  8. Great idea Jo

    RS Book-Keeping offers affordable accountancy and bookkeeping both locally and remotely. I specialise is small businesses and the self-employed and give you peace of mind that your financial records will be compiled correctly, without the high cost of a chartered accountant.

    My website can be found at:
    Follow me on twitter:

  9. Hi Jo, I know we are already connected on Facebook ( and Twitter but we haven’t LinkedIn yet so perhaps we should?

  10. I’m a WordPress expert, but build non-WordPress sites too, and am currently trying to find some additional sites to host on my VPS server – so if you want some professional hosting for your site, please let me know. I have also created a testimonial management tool – somewhere you can manage your testimonials centrally, and then distribute them to your sites, blogs, social media etc. I have about 700 members… but there’s always room for a few more.
    I live in the UK, but am a hardened Francophile having had a house on the Brittany / Pays de la Loire border for about 20 years, so much of my work is with English clients that live in France now :)
    I’m happy to connect on LinkedIn (, and would be delighted if you followed my on Twitter (@martinjarvis).
    Thanks to Jo (whom I now think I know quite well since following all of her January posts) – well done for getting us all together here Jo.

    My websites :

    • Thanks Martin, lots of information for everyone. I’ll be tweeting later, it will be interesting how I can condense all that into 140 characters! :)

  11. Lovely offer, Jo! Very happy to connect on all channels! :) Here’s all info below. And I would love to connect with your other blog readers and UBC fellows, too!

    We are a graphic and web design company designing the social YOU: Facebook welcome pages and profile pictures, Twitter backgrounds, logos, business cards, and web sites,

    Our products:

  12. ACEInspire says:

    Hi Jo,
    Great post.
    Our website is
    Twitter is
    Facebook is
    We provide online training courses and reources for micro businesses and small businesses.

  13. Hi Jo!

    I didn’t notice this post earlier :) Thanks for the opportunity to link here :)

    My blog is at
    My Twitter is at

  14. Hey Jo

    Just saw your tweet about liking your FB page so have done just that.

    Thanks for your support advertising Vivalution too – really appreciate it. If any of your readers would like to join us in the virtual office, then hop on over to :-)

  15. Great idea Jo, thanks for the opportunity.

    Hiya all i would just like to introduce my online shop. My shop is a collection of beautiful and unique handmade jewellery, cards and gifts. Range from vintage to retro to glamorous and literary pieces.

    My bestseller at the moment is my beautiful wine glass charms, only 99p each. Ideal finishing touch to any dinner party, birthday or wedding. Would make an ideal wedding favour.

    My shop is

    And why not add my group on facebook

    Or like my facebook page

    Also my email is

    Thank you

  16. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the opportunity to post.

    My business is called Pension Alternatives, we offer alternative investments for people, both in the UK and abroad. Many people are sitting on savings which currently attract a very low rate of interest. We offer much higher potential returns, however clients must be prepared for higher risk, but this is normal.

    We offer property bonds, a bespoke advisory Forex service and full and fractional property purchase. Some are short term investments, some are long term and the Forex service can be for as short or as long as you want. We will be adding other investments that we deem suitable in the future.

    Some of the investments can be used within a pension wrapper, however the IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers) that we deal with will usually limit the amount of pension funds you can use (percentage wise) to purchase alternative investments.

    One of the property purchase options (full or fractional) can be used either as an income investment or a holiday home for certain weeks of the year. The latter option is similar to timeshare, however with this route you actually own a fraction or all of the property and you have no onerous annual fees as you would have with timeshare. We also have links with legal firms who may be able to get you released from a timeshare agreement that you may be trapped in (these products/services are not yet on the site, but are available).

    My Twitter name is @PensionAlternat and my Facebook page is

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