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I thought I would do a shorter blog today, not only because it’s Monday and it’s taking a bit longer than normal for ideas to pop into my head, but also because this afternoon I have my first meeting with my new French teacher.

Last week I got speaking to someone on Twitter because they lived in the same area as France as me, and they offered French lessons, something I have been looking for since I moved here in October. It soon transpired that not only did he live 20 minutes from me and taught French but he was also interested in my virtual assistant services.

Remember the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop?

We had a discussion on the phone that day and agreed that he would provide me with one-to-one French lessons each week in return for help with his business, using my virtual assistant services.  What a great idea, swapping services so we both get what we need.

It’s the first time I’ve even thought about doing this, maybe there is a professional service you’re looking for and can offer your own services in return?

I am looking into some advertising opportunities for my business this week, so if you’re in that line of business and looking for some virtual assistance, get in touch, maybe we can do a swap?


  1. Good luck with the lesson today hope it goes well. Key phrases to focus on ‘put the kettle on’, I’ll have a glass of red please’ and ‘Hire me and benefit from the best service a Virtual Assistant has to offer’.

  2. This is an excellent idea, I’ve often thought it’s probably the most useful thing to offer a small business, particularly if you need the expert services of others. Let me know how you get on with your request :)

    • It’s great, we’ve agreed to spend an hour and a half per week, French for me and virtual assistance for him, works really well.

  3. Swapping professional services is a great idea and we do that sometimes. As we are based in a very small community the local options are limited, but it’s still a great idea to support each other.
    Renee @ Personal Fitness Equipment recently posted..Elliptical vs TreadmillMy Profile

  4. This is great that you were able to connect with him so quickly. The universe was ready to provide exactly what you needed when you were ready to receive it. Well done!! I wish you luck in your French lessons and will keep this in mind as my practice grows and I find myself in need of VA services.
    Dyrene Bell recently posted..Are you ready for a journey or a destination?My Profile

  5. Great idea Jo, but I’m not sure it would work with photography (except if I popped over to France!). :)
    Ian Hamilton recently posted..Death by smartphone? Dorset wedding photographerMy Profile

  6. I’m not sure about France, but in the UK I think you need to be careful about bartering as there might be a tax implication (especially if you’re registered for VAT). VAT appears to be chargeable on all supplies of goods and services you make not just the ones paid for with actual money.
    Martin Jarvis recently posted..Spam – Whose problem is it really?My Profile

    • Thanks Martin, I will need to check out how it works in France… I think maybe if it was a product there might be an issue, if I find out I’ll let you know.

  7. Love this idea – online communism!
    Los Angeles SEO Guy recently posted..City of Angels, or City of SEO’s?My Profile

  8. works for us sometimes too – in design & branding, and sometimes the small business needs a brand or logo, and we can help out – We have clients who sell fruit trees, coffee shops, chickens, veg box deliverys – Just need to bag ourselves sunseeker yachts and landrover as clients and we would swap away!! – you need some help with your ads just shout :-)

  9. Great idea!

    If you need software for Virtual Receptionists (, or MS-Windows application development resource or cartoon style greeting cards ( then let me know.


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