How to Self Publish your Book on a Budget…




This blog post has now been updated and moved to my new eBook formatting website blog, you can see it here: How to Self Publish your Book on a Budget…






  1. Hey Jo, I’m not sure if it is available where you are but sells individual ISBNs. The advantage, though, of purchasing multiples is that each “version” of your book will need a different ISBN. If you plan to sell it in kindle, audio, paperback, hardback, e-book… Each version will require it’s own ISBN. It’s far less expensive to purchase them as a package.

    • Thanks Nicole… I’ll check out the website. The company I use buys the ISBN’s and you purchase them individually from them. I think if you put your eBook on Smashwords the ISBN is free, but I’ll need to check that, it might be Amazon I’m thinking of.

  2. Keith Addison says:

    Publishing a book is something I had always dreamed about but as I often don’t get the chance to leave the house due to mobility problems it is something I always thought I could never do. Reading your post has made me rethink that option so thank you for that!

    • You should definitely go for it Keith, with self-publishing on the increase you could write 100’s of books! :)

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