Guest Blogging – is it all it’s cracked up to be?

You hear a lot about guest blogging, you only have to type into Google ‘benefits of guest blogging’ to see how many bloggers think it’s a great idea.  All these benefits you say?  Well look at the following posts:

20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging

5 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging

The Top 5 Benefits of Guest Blogging

And these were just on the first page of Google, there were over 2 million results found.

Well I’m going to go against the grain here, because I don’t think guest blogging is as beneficial as you think.

The regular blogs I follow have a lot of guest bloggers, the blogs are successful, they need guest bloggers to keep the content coming.  But when I go to these blogs, I am going because of the blog content, not to check out their latest guest blogger.  When I read an interesting post, I don’t go to the short paragraph at the bottom and read all about the author, nor do I click on their website/blog or even remember what their name is.

How many of you do this?  

Yes, there are benefits, but I don’t think the claims of more traffic, subscribers and authority convince me that I should be guest blogging my life away.

Obviously this is just my opinion, but I would be really interested to know how many of you religiously check out guest bloggers details and then visit their blogs or subscribe to their email lists?

I think a lot of the benefits lie with the blog, more than the blogger – they get great content they didn’t have to write themselves, they get more traffic and subscribers because of it.

Prove me wrong by all means.

I plan to do a little guest blogging myself, but not to get more traffic or subscribers, I will be doing it to improve my writing and seeing my writing being enjoyed by a different audience than my own.

I very much doubt my name will be associated with great guest bloggers, but who are they anyway?

I’m doing a promotion at the moment, just for February, I will provide you with one guest post for your blog for free.  If you’d like to take me up on this offer then get in touch before 31st January.


  1. I follow blogs that use guest bloggers – and I’m very aware of the difference in “voice” that comes through. Sometimes it’s jarring, and sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air! (both, in their own way, a positive) And I cringe when someone comments on a guest post, and directs the comment to the owner of the blog – as though the reader doesn’t realize who is writing…

    You talk about “great guest bloggers” – perhaps they’re ones who can add a little “spice” or extra zing to your writing voice. Sometimes a bit of “sweet” is good, sometimes a “sharpness” adds complexity, but overall, a guest poster meets an objective if they add value to the readers.

  2. Another great blog post Jo. I think some of what you have said is right, the blog itself often reaps the benefits as it is not often I click through to the guest bloggers website unless I think they have an excellent point. However there is always the SEO benefit. Guest blogging gives you a way of having links on various quality websites in the same sort of area as your own. Tie the links into your main keywords and you have a great way of building valuable links all over the internet which in turn help improve the rank of your website in the search engines. That is the best way to increase your traffic rather than from those actually clicking through from the guest blog itself.

  3. I think guest bloggers can be useful if they complement your business, but it’s pointless having someone blog on a subject that’s of no interest to your target market.

  4. I’ve guest blogged for a few very high traffic, very similar target audience websites and seen and increase in click throughs to my site from those sites. So it does have some pay off. Is it worth that pay off? I’m not sure. I generally take the perspective that, if I can write an article for a site that I have hand selected as having a good fit with my own site, then I can still repurpose that content on my own site (even if the rules were original content) as videos or something with a slightly different angle.

    Truthfully though, I’m so busy writing for my own site that it’s rare I guest blog.

    And when I do allow guest blog posts on my site, they are very carefully selected.

    • Thanks Nicole, I am glad it has paid off for you. You’re right though, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to guest blog when you have your own site to run and write for. I am certainly finding that this month with the blog challenge. :)

  5. Hi Jo,
    I think Guest Blogging is an important tool to have in any serious bloggers toolbox.
    Be strategic about selecting authoritative blogs in your niche you will get contextual
    backlinks, you will also get access to a audience that are hungry for content on that subject.

    If you can leave the readers hungry for me, write a compelling post and also leave a strong call
    to action in your profile box then over time you will pick up extra readers to add to your fan base.

    I recently posted – 6 Powerful Reasons you Should Guest post Today


    • Thanks James, I agree with you about the backlinks, but I wonder how many people go into guest blogging assuming they will get a lot more traffic to their own site. I can’t remember a time over the last few months that I have gone out of my way to read about the guest author and clicked through to their site, maybe it’s just me?! :)

  6. Sometimes a guest blogger can really help freshen up your blog as long as the content is relevant. A few months ago I had a local accountancy firm make a guest blog on my site about avoiding a benefit in kind with company vans; it’s still one of the most visited posts on the site despite it being nearly a year old.

    • You’re right Rob, for the blog owner I think the benefits are there, I was trying to get across that it might not be so beneficial for the guest blogger who technically does all the hard work for the blog post.

  7. I don’t tend to write as a guest blogger for other sites, although I frequently comment on blog posts that I find interesting. I do try to make those comments as interesting, relevant, and relevant as possible so that I’m not just stealing pagerank / backlinks off the blog owner in return for a spammy comment.

    Not sure I would consider a regular guest blogging slot, because, as has already been mentioned, if I’ve got something really interesting to say then I would probably say it on my own blog. I’m happy to contribute adhoc though, if asked.

    Persuading people to contribute regularly is not easy. I have been trying for a few years on my own Brittany / Pays de la Loire blogging site (blatant plug – sorry!). Most people go for syndication of their own blog posts onto my site (so they write a post on their own site, and syndicate it to mine). This is generally subject to a little personal editing before I release it on my site (usually just to remove typo’s and grammar, but often – with the approval of the originator – I change certain parts of the post to make it a little more SE friendly).

    • Thanks for another great comment Martin, I certainly wouldn’t become a regular guest blogger, I just don’t have the time for a start! :)

  8. Hey Jo,

    It’s not a matter of I like it of I dislike it, guest blogging became a business tool, I see from inside as someone who runs a multi-author blog!

    I am not really going to discuss this as I’ve been managing talking about it much lately, but all what I can say is guest blogging is good, understand it, try it, and I am sure you will love it!

    So, please don’t listen to those who haven’t done it before!

    By the way, not sure if you missed this post I wrote recently on the blog You Are So Wrong About Guest Blogging as a reply to some comment I got on Facebook!

    P.S. You are welcome to guest post at any time, I will be honored to assist you with that and host your first guest post!


  9. Hey Jo,

    First time in your blog and nice to read this article (thanks to Hesham for referring!).

    I agree and disagree with your posts. I have written over 50 guest posts at various sites and I have gotten traffic from it. And it has also increased my reputation :D

    That’s also why I am using guest blogging for my new blog.

    For instance: I did get many people requesting me to guest blog on their site (and I was happy with that).

    Yes, I agree with you that most people don’t check out who the guest blogger is. But, there are people who really do (And I just care about those people) :D

    Another thing is that guest blogging helps you to network with new people (and work with another blogger – who is the owner of the site).

    Take for instance: Hesham. He became a good friend of mine once I started guest blogging in his blog and interacting with him and his audience :D

    Hope you understand,

    Thanks for the post – this is definitely a post that looks at guest blogging from a different perspective :D

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment Jeevan, and I also agree that guest blogging can be beneficial. I hope I didn’t come across that I thought it wasn’t worth it at all, because I am sure many people benefit from being a guest blogger.

      Good luck with your new blog :)

      • No problem :)

        Thanks for the reply :D

        By the way, I was thinking about your post – from a blog owner’s perspective and here is what I have come up with – Allowing guest posts at your site may divert some of your traffic to the guest blogger’s page – if the guest post is a good one (That can be a disadvantage if you are one among the millions who don’t have much traffic).

        • That’s very true, I didn’t think of that. I expect having a regular guest poster might divert traffic more than the odd random one.

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