*** Guest Blog Opportunity ***

Would you like to guest blog for Writer’s Block Admin Services?

I’m now in the position to offer the opportunity for bloggers to submit posts to me for possible inclusion on my blog as a guest blogger.  I am looking for bloggers who have knowledge of the following topics:

Social Media

Virtual Assistants

Work from Home


What I have decided to do is give you some examples of my own blog posts so you can see what sort of subjects I have covered.  Below is a list of my top 10 blog posts – the ones which have received the most page views.   If you can produce posts like this, on similar subjects then it’s most likely I will publish your guest post.

  1. 10 Virtual Assistant Resources
  2. Is Twitter Unfollowing People Randomly?
  3. 5 Followers Not to Follow on Twitter
  4. 5 Ways to Analyse Twitter with SocialBro
  5. Who do you Follow on Twitter?
  6. A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant
  7. My Top 3 Social Media Apps
  8. Spread the Luv on your Blog!
  9. Self Publishing your eBook the DIY Way!
  10. Download my new eBook Now!

The terms and conditions for guest blog submissions are:

 You do not need to be a freelancer or a copywriter in order to become a guest blogger.

 Repeat submissions are welcome although not guaranteed to be accepted.

 Amateur bloggers are welcome.

 Post to be a minimum of 200 words.

 You may include one anchor text within the body of the post and place an author bio at the end. The author bio may include an additional link and information about you and/or your business.

 The post will be checked for plagiarism and originality and will be rejected if they do not pass Copyscape.

 Your guest blog should not appear on your website or anywhere else on the web. You may of course share it on your networking pages and add a link on your site to the post URL on the Writer’s Block Admin Services website if you so desire.

 If you have an image you’d like to accompany the post, then please include this.

 No links to X rated/Adult themed websites will be accepted.

 Not all submissions will be accepted.

 Notification will be sent when your post is added to the Blog.

 I will edit and proofread the blog and make any changes I feel are required.

 You will be given full credit for the post.

So if you think you have a great post you’d like published on my blog, then please email it to me at jo@writersblockadminservices.com or use the contact me form, making sure you have taken the terms and conditions into consideration.

I look forward to receiving some great posts from you!

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