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Valentine’s Day Launch

There are no fanfares or streamers but I have finally managed to launch my eBook today, 3 Key Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant.   I am hoping that businesses who have not yet taken the step of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant will download the eBook and realise what some of the key benefits are of using a virtual assistant.

In other news I have also launched my eBook formatting page on my website.  I will be showcasing all the books I format for clients on this page and have provided links to where you can purchase them or if you click the Smashwords link you can download samples for free.

I am really pleased that I outsourced a banner design to Eos Grafx, they did a great job and I hope to use this banner on some other websites and blogs.  If you’d like the html code for this banner to place on your website or blog then please get in touch, it’s very easy to implement.

I am still working on some updates to the website and hope that in a few weeks time it will all be complete.  If you have any suggestions for the navigation of my website, please drop me a message, I want to make sure the website is user friendly so any feedback is appreciated.

eLibrary – Open Ebooks Directory – includes most of the ebooks sold on the internet. Free for addition of one’s own ebooks.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Jo. The page looks perfect and such a timely release on Valentine’s day!

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