Social Media Suggestions

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Sometimes it only takes a few updates per day to keep your name/brand/company in the minds of your followers/fans.  You only need put aside a little time each day, or even every other day to keep the interaction going with your potential clients/customers.  I promise you it will be worth it! Here are some suggestions [...]

Paid Facebook Likes Anyone?

Paid Facebook Likes Anyone?

I always knew in the back of my mind that some people/businesses paid for Facebook likes and Twitter followers, and possibly for other social networks too. But it’s only really been on my radar recently when I started using the website Fiverr for a client, and also looking closer at the freelancer site PeoplePerHour which [...]

Utilising Facebook for Small Businesses

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Guest Post I’ve asked my good friend Paula to write this guest post about using Facebook for business, whatever your niche you can utilise it in the same ways the big brands do and get the same benefits. Remember to check out Paula’s Facebook page to see how she does it! What begins with F [...]

Repurpose Your Content Using Slideshare


Last weekend I decided to finally get round to looking at Slideshare to see how I could attract some new followers to my blogs and websites. It had been on my list of things to do for some time. I created a presentation entitled ‘Do’s & Dont’s of eBook Formatting‘, I repurposed the blog post [...]

LinkedIn: Getting Started

LinkedIn: Getting Started

LinkedIn is the Social Media Network for professionals and businesses. Facebook is for keeping up to date with your friends and family, but LinkedIn is to keep up to date with your colleagues (past, present and future!). I signed up to LinkedIn while in my previous job, but didn’t have a profile. I often received [...]