Big Brother Google and Our ‘Big Data’ Internet World

As a full-time freelance writer, I spend a huge amount of my time cruising around the Internet looking for ideas and conducting research. And it's on these digital travels that I started to notice just how clever and almost scary Internet marketing ad campaigns are. Don't get me wrong, I've never been naive about the ways companies collect data about us, but it's when you start analysing the situation more closely that you realise the full extent. Also, I'd like to point out that it's not necessarily a bad thing - well not to me at least - but I can understand why some people don't like the thought of their data being collected. So what exactly am I talking about? Well, whenever you're surfing the Internet … [Read more...]

The Rise and Fall (I Hope) of Desperate SEO

Jo and I talk a lot. Well I say talk, but quite often it consists of me moaning and Jo listening. In fact, Jo should probably charge me for her 'listening time' but I'm very thankful she doesn't. Now you may be wondering what it is that I moan about. The usual day-to-day stuff mostly but, until recently, there was something else quite specific on my list of bug bears; something that I like to call 'desperate SEO' - the inspiration behind this post. As a freelance writer, I can obviously choose which assignments I grab by the horns and which I let slip me by. However, even when times are quiet, I still need to provide for my family and so take any work (within reason) that I can get. It’s at times like these … [Read more...]

#MyBestTenList: Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistants

One very good thing about the world we live in right now is that the more we grow, the easier our lives get. And this is only made possible by the various advancements we experience, especially in technology and every other aspect of life. New innovations spring up regularly, previously untapped knowledge forts get unlocked, and revolutions surface at different facets; business, health, education, etc. even governance. Over the past years, there has been a revolution online, especially in the way and how we get things done. Every business person wants to cut costs – and time – at different levels of their businesses, where possible. This has led to the positive surge of some particular set of people that tend to … [Read more...]

Using virtual assistants to reduce payroll costs

GUEST POST As a business grows, it becomes harder and harder to deal with everything in-house.  Taking on more staff might not be an affordable solution, especially when it comes to sourcing specialist skills that are not needed all the time. Hiring a virtual assistant is an increasingly popular solution. When it comes to payroll, it can be a real money saver. Top-level talent, low level cost One of the reasons entrepreneurs are often headhunted is that they’re known for having a multiplicity of skills. In a small business, everybody has to be able to do a bit of everything. Being able to do everything, however, doesn’t mean being able to do everything well. Having access to a specialist can make a big … [Read more...]

Free WordPress: The Benefits

Guest Post What’s so great about FREE WordPress? Not until very recently did I discover WordPress. I am a new writer and I wanted to get my work out there to the world and fast. With this in mind I was ecstatic to learn that not only is WordPress a wonderful piece of software, but also you can obtain it for absolutely nothing! However, there is so much more that meets the eye with this product and with this in mind I wanted to share the advantages of obtaining free WordPress for you and your business or blog. You can use your own Domain Name Unlike other publishing platforms where you can only use a sub-domain on their server, with WordPress you can use your own domain name as the software is hosted on your own … [Read more...]

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