Who wants to be popular anyway?

I wanted to write a blog post today on something that people were interested in. I looked at my Google Analytics to see what the most popular posts were so I could find a topic to cover again, or in more detail, or from a different perspective but it didn't work. I asked myself some questions, what time period should I base the stats on, should I check to see what the bounce rate was rather than just the page views... it wasn't very helpful. I then decided to check out which of my posts received the most comments, easily done in WordPress by just sorting them into comment order (descending of course). So rather than write about a recurring topic, I decided to use this post as an overview of the last couple of … [Read more...]

How to Best Use Writing to Boost Your Traffic and Sales

Writing is still the most powerful marketing tool you can think of when promoting your business. You can keep reaping the benefits of your writing, in terms of traffic and sales – over and over again – for years, as long as it remains relevant to your market over time. It can also be used in maintaining your relationship with your clients or customers, and most importantly, it can be used to boost your reputation as an expert. Writing online can be very easy, even though one can also easily get it all wrong. As an online marketer or business person, one should learn how to best utilize and seriously take advantage of this skill. You can use writing as an effective tool for marketing your business by running a blog … [Read more...]

Don’t Leave Your Virtual Assistant Guessing

Tips: Working with a Virtual Assistant... from the viewpoint of a Virtual Assistant How many of you have a virtual assistant? I don't think many of you will have, because when I started out 18 months ago I had never even heard of virtual assistants. I fell into this job, utilising my experience and skills from the workplace and transferring them over to my own business. Obviously when I finally realised what I was I found lots of information online about virtual assistants, and now, well for me I feel as though we're over-run with them, maybe because I have come across so many lovely VA's on social media. I'm not going to talk about the benefits of using a virtual assistant in this post, but if you'd like to … [Read more...]

The Vicious Circle of Self Employment

Being self-employed can be very empowering, no strict working hours, you can sit at your desk in your PJ's if you like, you don't have to answer to a 'boss' and many other benefits. All these things are good, but what if you end up working more hours than when you were an employee? You can't just walk away from work and forget about it until 9am the next morning. I have been working for myself for nearly 18 months, when I sat down and looked at my bottom line a few weeks ago while writing down my 2013 goals, I realised that I am working more hours but earning quite a bit less than in my last job! I've managed, I had savings and living in France isn't as expensive as England, but it's got to the point where I need … [Read more...]

Tools to Streamline your Virtual Reading List

How many blogs do you subscribe to?Do you manage to read all the blog posts you subscribe to each day?Are you constantly reading blog posts and not doing any other work? This used to be me, it was a struggle to keep up with the amount of online reading I needed to do, what with everything going on in the social media world and trying to find relevant content to share with my social media fans/followers. It felt like a really tough slog most days until I found ways to streamline my reading.  I wrote Reading List Overwhelming You? 6 Tips That Will Help! (here's a spooky fact, I wrote this on 17 January 2012, exactly a year to the day!) which provided some tips to help you with your ever growing reading list.  I also … [Read more...]

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