Buffer is still in my Top 3!

Have you given Buffer a try?

I’ve been using it for a while now and I mentioned it another blog post of mine My Top 3 Social Media Apps back in January.  The reason I want to mention it again here is because in the last week or so I have been using it a lot more, for both Twitter and Facebook and I wanted to know whether any of you have been using it since my last post?

I use the Buffer app on my iPhone, which means when I come across an article/blog in Flipboard (another app I mentioned in the post above) while flicking through it in the evenings I can easily add it to Buffer with a few clicks.  Last night I managed to find some great articles I wanted to share, but instead of retweeting them out instantly I scheduled them on Buffer which meant they would be spread out over the next couple of days.

I don’t share everything I find, I make sure I am selective in the articles I tweet out to my followers.  With Buffer I can decide whether my Facebook fans or my Twitter followers would benefit more from them, and then choose which platform to post it to.   Sharing great content, even if it’s not your own, is a great way of gaining more fans/followers.  I actually enjoy sifting through the days content on Flipboard and being able to share it, if I find something useful or interesting why keep it to myself?

By using SocialBro (oh another of my top 3 social media apps) on a daily basis I have connected this up to Buffer so it sends through the ‘best time to tweet’ information, they suggest you do this once a week to keep Buffer optimised for when most of your followers are online.

I’m always on the look out for new ways of using social media and making it more time saving for me and my clients.  So far I’ve not come across any further apps that have topped my top 3 I posted about 6 weeks ago.  Do you have any suggestions for me to try out?

Buffer have a great Twitter tips blog and many of the articles I share are from here, and no I’m not being paid to say that!


  1. I’ll have to go check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hi Jo,
    I love BufferApp too! I’ve heard of Flipboard but haven’t used it before. Sounds like I better check it out.
    I’m looking forward to the next Ultimate Blogging Challenge as I enjoyed reading your short, extremely informative and easy to implement posts each day.
    Cheers, Caylie

  3. Nice efficient system utilizing tools for a purpose, so many tools online it is nice to see someone share their personal system so I can evaluate there use.

  4. Angie Fisher says:

    Hi Jo,

    Thank you for sharing the great info. Decided to take a look at Flipboard so I downloaded it. It could very well be operator error but I can only see my personal page on Facebook and the wall of my business page but not the posting of the pages I like. Is that your experience as well? I use HootSuite and have this same problem. I had cross my fingers in hopes that it might be different. :)

    • Hi Angie, thanks for stopping by my blog… You’ve raised an interesting question which I hadn’t even thought about, and you’re right, I don’t see pages that I have liked on Facebook. I must admit a lot of my content through Flipboard comes from Twitter. There is a search facility which might be useful if you’re not seeing all your liked pages content?!

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