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Team Work

Let Me Introduce You To My Team!

Being able to delegate tasks to others is a great feeling, and it’s not as hard as you may think. Having a team around you is a great benefit not only to your business but also your health and state of mind. Having now been in business for nearly 3 years, it’s only in the [...]

How to create your very own WordPress website

How to Create Your Very Own WordPress Website

Once upon a time, websites were built exclusively by people in the know. A strong knowledge of HTML was an absolute must and websites were created using code alone. Today, however, innovations like WordPress have made it possible for anyone who has a basic understanding of computers can build their very own website from scratch. [...]

outsource to a virtual assistant

Be Smart! 5 Tasks you can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Do you often find yourself with a list as long as your arm of mundane tasks to do? If so, then chances are that you’re not working efficiently and therefore your business is not operating to its full potential. If this is the case, you could find yourself struggling to be competitive in your marketplace [...]

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